Headstones, commemorative and cremation plaques
Headstones, commemorative and cremation plaques

Headstones, Commemorative and Cremation plaques

Creating a memorial is a way to honor the life of someone we loved. By making something beautiful you can express to the world the respect and admiration you have for those who had been part of your life. 

The memorial stone is a way of allowing that person to be remembered and a place where one can go to focus their thoughts and memories.  It can remind you fondly, and highlight the individuality to the world, of the life you are commemorating.

The stone may be there for hundreds or even thousands of years for future generations to appreciate and will give an insight into the life that was lived. Great grandchildren may find themselves running their small hands over the stone and feel a nostalgic connection with history and their ancestors past.

You may have just a vague idea of what your memorial will look like. Or you may have a more detailed plan. Either way, we can work together and take your thoughts and ideas and transform them into something beautiful.

To read about the process of getting headstones, commemorative and cremation plaques created click here or contact me for more details

The Process

An initial meeting is always helpful. I aim to spend some time learning all I can about the deceased and about how you would like to remember them. It can be helpful to read a eulogy and sit down together to talk it over.

I will come up with some sketches, and develop your thoughts into a unique design. The process can take time and several amendments to come up with something you are completely happy with. There are always considerations to take into account such as the surroundings, restrictions of the churchyard or cemetery that we will make sure we work with.

Then we will look at different types of stone and find one most suitable. I like to use more local stones where possible as these fit into the surroundings and also to help reduce the environmental impact.

Once we’ve agreed on a design I will take a deposit and order the stone.

The design will be drawn on with a pencil by hand and then carved with a chisel and a dummy.  It is a traditional way that I believe gives the lettering life and vitality and feels much more personal than computer generated, machine cut letters. It does of course take longer and costs a bit more, but the difference it make in creating something so personal and so unique is invaluable.

You are welcome to visit the workshop and see work in progress. This is best done by appointment, as I may not be in the workshop all working hours.


Once the process begins, small projects could take weeks and larger ones 3-6 months or longer.

It is very common for people to not begin the process of a memorial until many years after the death, Although people may feel pressure from others, maybe funeral directors or family, there really is no time scale placed on installing a memorial and no shame in not doing it sooner. In fact it can be very healthy to have a gap, to have some time to process and remember and be ready to begin the process.

After sometime has past its not uncommon to feel you should be ‘over’ the loss, and less able to talk about them. In making a memorial it gives you the opportunity to talk and think about the person in great depth and to really do something important and significant for them and for yourself, this process in itself can be healing and a positive experience and sometimes lead to some sort of closure.


There are a lot of variables that come into it, but headstones tend to start at around £2500 and cremation plaques would tend to be £600-£2000.

By looking at more simple but still beautiful options a lower cost could be achieved.  The size, the material, the amount of text and carving all contribute to the final cost.

Something different

Usually I get asked to make memorials for churchyards or cemeteries, but sometimes people would like a memorial in their home or garden or another setting. There are endless possibilities and I would be very happy to discuss your ideas. Contact me today!

Stone Carving Courses

Would you like to have a go at stone carving? Then why not book onto one of the Weekend Workshops we offer. We run courses throughout the year, suitable for absolute beginners and people with a little more experience.

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