Welsh Slate House Sign

Difford Lodge needs a new house sign and who better to ask than it’s number one tenant and lettering artist, Maya Martin. The sign is designed in Welsh slate. It has relief carved flowers to compliment the beautiful flowers and vines covering the front of the lodge. Also it is in keeping with the traditional feel and style of the house, which also has a slightly contemporary side too.

This house sign is made from Welsh slate. A beautifully perfect stone that takes a good letter and weathers well. The letters are painted with Humbro enamel paint. After rubbing off the excess paint with a 400 grit diamond pad, a thin layer of linseed oil was rubbed over the top. Good care was taken not to get it into the relief carved flowers, who’s contrast is due to the stone dust from cutting.

The sign will be fixed to the wall underneath the window cill on the front of the house at http://difford-kennels.com. The window cill is important to prevent the worst of the weathering. The stone and the letters will hold up fine to a great deal of weather. However, the dust in the flowers will soon get washed out if there is too much rain directly on it. I will keep an eye on it and might eventually put a little paint in the flowers if they seem to need it.

The house sign is so delivery services can deliver to the right house. It is situated on the approach to the reception area at Difford Kennels, so it is also their just to look good. It contributes to the place looking smart and presentable and interesting as people bring their dogs in. Also it can be seen as people visit the Mayastone New Letter Carving Workshop also on site.

There are also many more styes of house signs that can be carved into Welsh slate. The design depends on the setting and the character of the place and people.

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