Grand Official Studio Opening Celebration

Today was very exciting! It was a quiet and cold January in lockdown but instead of feeling fed up, we had prosecco and celebrated. Pippa Moon, my landlady at and myself officially opened the beautiful new studio My New Letter Carving Workshop. We had a big pink ribbon, which I cut, it felt great. I wanted to spray the studio with prosecco….. formula one style. I shook the bottle and popped the cork It fizzed up and over and dribbled over my hand and onto the floor. it will have to wait for another occasion for my formula one moment. However, meant more for us to drink. Nothing beats afternoon drinking when you’re meant to be working.

It is excited to wonder all the creation and adventures that this place will bring! A studio of my own is something I have always longed for. To be able to bang a nail into the wall just because I want somewhere to hang my masking tape feels good. It is the first place I have had of my own.

The name of the studio is still something to decide. I will make a sign to hang on the front. There have been so many wonderful suggestions, and I keep changing my mind to which is the best. I will be sure to announce it once it is decided, and perhaps that will be another excuse for afternoon prosecco.

Meanwhile, I must focus on what it is all about.

2 thoughts on “Grand Official Studio Opening Celebration”

  1. Angela Pia Burdett

    Hi Maya, just been talking with Roman about your website. How lovely to have your workshop up and running and the website really shows off your talent! Wishing you every success and joy.
    Love Angela

    1. Hi Angela, Thank you… much has happened since then and I have many more pieces to update onto my website. I hope you are well and to see you soon. Maya

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