New Letter Carving Workshop

The shed I ordered for my new letter carving workshop was eventually delivered after an 8 week eager wait. AGG Timber, who made it, put it up for me in an idyllic tucked away space near my home in Hampshire ( . It was brand new and has a wonderful woody smell. However, it was far from being ready for action. It felt thin and cold and rattly. I sat down with YouTube and talked to a helpful assistant in Wickes and few friends and learnt a lot about to how to insulate a shed as a workshop. I was told many times to “make sure there is good ventilation”.

With lots of help from the very handy Corey Thomas, 2 days were spent cutting up chipboard and plaster board and insulation and stapling, screwing and nailing it all into the shed, followed by rubber flooring. 

I cut and painted the window frames put in a workbench and a couple of shelves, with the help of Mr Roman Czajkowski…. my father. Then the electrician came in to wire up plug sockets, a very bright led strip light and a meter so I can know how much electricity to pay for.

The last thing to do was move in from the stables see New Temporary Workshop post. Lettering easel, materials, tools and lots things that might come in useful someday.  I still have more to move I will put some more shelves up and fill them up no doubt before long. I want to draw pictures on the walls and pin things to it. Maybe I should resist and keep it nice, or maybe I should follow my heart and it will soon look lived in. Watch this space, I will show you again how it evolves over time.

The first piece of action that this workshop will see is a carving of a Swamp Dragon. (not lettering) It is a commission I started a few months ago that was put on hold and now its sitting here looking at me waiting to be done. I am so eager to get started and it will be the perfect first piece to ‘Christen’ the workshop covering everything in stone chippings and dust.  Here’s to many happy hours carving and the creation of many beautiful things!

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